There are still some problems.

  • Firstly, https://finalcutpro-plugins.com/member/ shows [vp_edd_membership_form]. This is not a single problem, this is the shortcode problem. I mean there must be some others. Would you explain which generate [vp_edd_membership_form] and how to fix?
  • Secondly, from your demo, all product link (https://teconce.com/mayosis-graphicmarket/graphicmarket/all-products/) is linked to All popular products and also Featured products. So which are the correct urls for All popular products and Featured products?
  • Third, after I logging to muctau191 (password: 12345678), the user will appear at the top-right conner. However, it is linked to # instead of member page.

  • Lastly, would you let me know how to add the following images? They are missing from my site.