RocketStock – RS3010 – Sumi Ink Video Transitions

in RocketStock on March 14, 2019

Download Sumi Ink Video Transitions, $79 premium project files from RocketStock designed to Make a Splash with Final Cut Pro and other GFX Softwares.

With the 65 amazing ink drop transitions in this, you will give your video a unique and an elegant look inspired by the brush painting techniques of ancient times together with the traditional calligraphy.

You will get shooting in even the extreme slow motion through the use of the latest Helium sensor technology from the RED Camera. In addition to this, these organic transitions also are best even in the live action footage, titles, and motion graphics through which they provide a great look. Sumi is characterized with multiple together with single drop effects combined with the abstract mirrored assets as well.

Download RocketStock – Sumi Ink Video Transitions

RS3010 – Sumi Ink Video Transitions
Part 1 (2 Gb) – Part 2 (2 Gb)– Part 3 (2 Gb) – Part 4 (2 Gb) – Part 5 (2 Gb) – Part 6 (426 Mb)

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