1. How to Add register into login page next to lost password? https://finalcutpro-plugins.com/login/

2. After user register, they are logged in automatically into purchase-history (https://finalcutpro-plugins.com/checkout/purchase-history) instead of dashboard page. Is purchase-history exact the page you want to target in this case? And how do i change to dashboard page?

3. Please take a look on the following image and see the following 2 issues:

+, issue 1: When I point mouse into “user” at the top-right corner, the “Loop” logo appears into the drop-down area. Would you help me to fix?

+, issue 2: The Wish Lists page shows

, this short-code does not work. Would you help me to fix?

3. There is no options for registered user to apply their application to be a shop vendor.

Open a Shop is now linked to https://finalcutpro-plugins.com/vendor-dashboard/

And no way to upgrade user to vendor.

4. From a vendor user, are there options to request payment from sales?

How do I modify style.css under themes/mayosis-child correctly to adjust the current logo?

5. Lastly, I am having with feature image size: https://finalcutpro-plugins.com/all-products/page/2/

The large size in height of feature image will break the stable in-structure and make ugly interface. How would we make feature image automatically zoom smartly with a fixed size?

Finally, you clearly find that your theme has issue with responsive image. This page contains some large size of image, and they are not in good shape from the front-end.