Electric Elements – Motion Array 234273

in LookAE, Motion Array on August 26, 2019

Download FREE Electric Elements – Final Cut Pro Templates | Motion Array 234273.

Electric Elements is unquestionably a perfect choice for any editor as it was created to be an incredibly fantastic Final Cut Pro template with a great variety of interesting, dynamic cartoon electricity for your works. Moreover, it includes hand drew frame by frame animation and exclusive design style, unique sound for each animation. What convenient about this project is that, in fact, it is so easy to customize and change colors, glow, and pixelation.


FCPX -12 MG Electric Elements.dmg   (download)
14.29 MB
  • The files were downloaded from LookAE, a Chinese community, and packed into a DMG File. You therefore may feel a little bit weird with the Chinese language interface. Just click on the DMG file, the plugin then will be installed and assemble with Final Cut Pro perfectly.
    A screenshot example

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