Download $99 Pack for FREE – RocketStock – RS3015 – Vapor 100+ Smoke & Fog Effects! Direct download links shared!

This collection of a high quality got shot in studio through the use of a RED camera that is cutting-edge. In addition, it also features several styles which include ethereal fog, rolling mist, and smoke rings and with its exceptional characteristic it will improve any video project.

The pack costs $99 to download from Rocketstock. We sharing here for study purpose only. You will get 143 atmospheric effects to take to new levels to infuse your footage with an elegant, cinematic look with almost common Video Editors: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro,…

Download Vapor 100+ Smoke & Fog Effects

RocketStock – RS3015 – Vapor 100+ Smoke & Fog Effects
Part 1 (3 Gb) – Part 2 (3 Gb)– Part 3 (3 Gb) – Part 4 (3 Gb) – Part 5 (3 Gb) – Part 6 (594 Mb)


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