Download RocketStock – Lucent Warm – 140 Lens Flares in 4K

in RocketStock on March 6, 2019

Download RocketStock – Lucent Warm – 140 Lens Flares in 4K, A radiant lens flare collection for Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and other VFX Softwares.

This is the first of the asset packs which are of a premium. It is characterized with 140 spherical lens frares which shoot with the use of prime lenses of a high-end Cooke S4. Following the warming hue and delicate characteristic of these elements, they become suitable for the addition of emotion and depth to footage.

It is another amazing alternative to the plugins, Lucent Warm will let you to access the organic lens flares shot without breaking the bank on top-of-the-range gear.

In addition to this, Lucent Warm is also compatible fully with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and many more editing software. Other powerful specs also backs this premium collection as well.

With the use of the Lucent Warm’s video tutorial which is detailed, you will become a lens flare expert within a very short period of time. We will take you through this from the initial setup till its customization step by step until you get to the final product.


Lucent Warm – 140 Lens Flares in 4K
Part 1 (3 Gb) – Part 2 (3 Gb)– Part 3 (3 Gb) – Part 4 (3 Gb) – Part 5 (1.3 Gb)

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