Free + Direct download links of Glamour – 100+ Effects for Fashion Videos, perfect fashion and makeup video accessory from RocketStock.

This is suitable to the influencers and vloggers. It is one of the on-trend collection which is characterized by all the elements you may require in creating a share-worthy as well as a polished fashion or even for makeup videos. Glamour comes full of 120 stylish, transitions, lower thirds, loopable backgrounds and reveals.

This collection of a high quality characteristic is simple to use and quick in using as well. All you need is just a drag-and-drop of each asset, customize them to your preference and then you will be good to go.

DOWNLOAD Glamour – 100+ Effects for Fashion Videos

RocketStock – RS3026
Part 1 (1 Gb) – Part 2 (1 Gb)– Part 3 (1 Gb) – Part 4 (1 Gb) – Part 5 (1 Gb) – Part 6 (1 Gb) – Part 7 (1 Gb) – Part 8 (1 Gb) – Part 9 (870 Mb)