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Cinematic Opener – Videohive 22607572

Download Videohive 22607572 - Cinematic Opener, brand new cinematic opener for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro! https://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/ea567232-9b4a-498c-8fb2-91a7de27bc60/1921951.mp4 DOWNLOAD Filename: FCP + Motion Cinematic Opener.zip   (download) Filesize: 255.18 MB

FCPX Glitch Titles and Logos

Download Videohive 22773308 - FCPX Glitch Titles and Logos, very useful project files for creative content creators. https://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/b4ce64a2-0cf7-4e06-b71c-3ef170a3be6e/22773308.mp4 DOWNLOAD Filename: FCP 15 Logo.zip   (download) Filesize: 78.56 MB

30 Motion Titles | FCPX or Motion – Videohive 23651312

Download FREE Videohive 23651312 - 30 Motion Titles | FCPX or Motion for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion 5. https://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/9b11ce3e-ec5b-49f8-bafb-a4ac29eaf13d/23651312.mp4 DOWNLOAD Filename: FCP 30 Motion Titles.zip   (download) Filesize: 929.13...

30 Corporate Titles | FCPX

Download Videohive 23667139 - 30 Corporate Titles | FCPX | FREE https://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/8c500c52-7ce6-4fff-8420-22ccf455addd/23667139.mp4 DOWNLOAD Filename: FCP 30 Corporate Titles.zip   (download) Filesize: 858.94 KB