Pixel Film Studios – PROTEXT Volume 1,2,3

ProText Volume 1 2 3 free download

Pro Text Effects for FCPX! Download and get FREE Pixel Film Studios ProText Vol. 1-3 (It Includes ProText: Volume 1, Volume, and Volume 3).

ProText Volume 1 with 50 different animations (animation presets) will make your text so professional.

ProText Volume 2 Provides you with 50 new text animations to choose from. User can move and replicate your text in a 3D environment.

ProText Volume 3 contains a library of 28 text animations for moving and replicating the text in a 3D environment and create unique text looks all inside Final Cut Pro.


  • ProText Vol.1
PROTEXT VOLUME 1.pkg   (download)
1,013.47 KB
  • ProText Vol.2
PROTEXT VOLUME 2.zip   (download)
3.45 MB
  • ProText Vol.3
PROTEXT VOLUME 3.zip   (download)
3.34 MB

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