Pixel Film Studios ProIntro Indie Volume 1 – Free Download


Download and get FREE Pixel Film Studios ProIntro Indie Volume 1 – Introductions for Final Cut Pro X.

Pro Intro Indie is a set of 30 self-animating indie -styled introductions, that are created for the sole use in the Final cut Pro X. Pixel Film studio has beautiful styles which gives FCPX editors the ability to add a unique opener to any video production. There are styles that contain beautiful animations and basic title elements including shapes, lines, and patterns which you can choose from. Blur the background and make an adjustment of gradients to get greater contrast. ProIntro Indie makes customization in the Final Cut Pro X to be so easy.

Free ProIntro Indie Volume 1 Download

Filename: Pixel Film Studios – ProIntro Indie Volume 1.zip
Filesize: 33.90 MB
Download Url:

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