motionVFX – mBehavior – A Collection of Animation Presets for Final Cut Pro X

motionVFX – mBehavior Free download

Download FREE mBehavior, mBehavior Collection – A Collection of 150 + 10 Animation Presets. Animation of objects and elements is a complex process that takes a lot of skill, time, and effort.

This is a collection of about 150+10 animation presets. The process of animating objects and elements is complicated. It needs a lot of skill, effort and time. We can help you put your pictures, elements with alpha channel, generators or videos in motion. All this is possible by the simple task of picking, dragging and dropping one of your behaviors. The vigorous animations can be changes, re-timed and combined for the fun, cool, lively and energetic movement that you seek.

Free mBehavior Download

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mBehavior 2
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