Get FREE Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18 Full version with Serial number

Crumplepop EasyTracker 1 Full crack

Very popular plugin! Download and get FREE Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18 Full crack with serial number – Plugin for tracking motion in video for FCP.

Designed by Crumplepop, this plugin currently costs $99 from user for the license. So what really makes it so expensive?

At Crumplepop promises, Crumplepop EasyTracker will be really useful to Quickly create titles, images, and animations that “stick” to moving objects in your frame, tracking their motion.

Main Features:

  • Easy Point Tracker – track moving objects in your video
  • Easy Planar Tracker – replace phone screens, windows, or signs with your own image
  • Simple Controls – create complex tracking effects quickly and easily


Crumplepop EasyTracker 1.0.18 [sn].zip
22.59 MB

Crumplepop EasyTracker Crack

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