FCPX Audio Overlay Glimmer 5K [Free download]

FCPX Audio Overlay Glimmer 5K Free download

Get Free FCPX Audio Overlay Glimmer 5K, Audio Reactive Flares for FCPX!

With the FCPX Audio overlay Glimmer 5k, you have the opportunity to attain exciting audio-based flicker effects. Along with audio flicker effects are a wide collection of light leaks that are applicable to every type of sound and music imaginable. It offers up to 1400 options for audio reactive flares. These reactive flares may be adjusted and switched on and off. Simply use the intuitive frame sample slider to edit the audio overlays to your preference. You will spare your time as you change styles in color and separation controls.

Download FCPX Audio Overlay Glimmer 5K [Free]

Pixel Film Studios – FCPX Audio Overlay Glimmer 5K.zip
1.05 GB

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