Download Carbon LUTs for FCP [FREE]

Carbon LUTs Free download

Download and get FREE Carbon LUTs for your Final Cut Pro for Neutral tones for any type of camera.

It has balanced tones for all cameras. Lovely, deep shadows, realistic midtones, and soft highlight rolloff, all minus color alterations of the color cast of your excerpts. Protect shades and input some style! Flawless for accumulating to current grades or for customization!

LUTs is a collection of 16 neutral film looks to present your work in the beautiful filmic divergence it merits.

Every LUT contains LOG version and a Rec.709 version utilized with footage shot in non-LOG Patterns, combined with other color adjustments, or even added with other LUTs for better personalization!

Carbon LUTs – Free download

Carbon LUTs Win
27.35 MB

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