CrumplePop FaceBlur 1.0.2 Full Free with Serial number

CrumplePop FaceBlur Free download

Download and get FREE CrumplePop FaceBlur 1.0.2 Full Crack with serial number – a Plugin for easily disguising objects in video with Final Cut Pro on Mac.

Designed by Crumplepop, CrumplePop FaceBlur is just a simple plugin that helps FCP user either blur or pixellate faces, logos, or other objects.

Track and disguise through various blurring techniques any moving faces and objects in your video. Moving objects are tracked automatically by FaceBlur, users do not have to keyframe the blur effect by hand.


  • Blurs or pixellates any object
  • Automatically tracks moving objects
  • Includes PlanarBlur for blurring TVs and screens


CrumplePop FaceBlur 1.0.2 [sn].zip
22.58 MB

CrumplePop FaceBlur Full crack

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